We all want to change the world, but ... Where to start? Many times we admire great leaders, icons or references; We dream of being like them, of inspiring others and leaving a legacy of love and good in our passage through life. However, lost in great dreams, we forget that this legacy is more everyday, simpler than we think. Every little gesture, word or intention; counts when it comes to changing the world, especially changing YOUR world and that of those around you.
With that idea in mind, No Time was born. We are realistic, four friends united by ideals are not enough to change the operation of the entire fashion industry. We are not going to end the exploitation of the big brands, nor do I believe that we can reduce global pollution levels and possibly our business model continues to be an “Outlayer” because other things move us before profit.
But then, you wonder what are you doing here? Very easy, we have a dream. And as you can imagine, it is a simple dream. It is enough for us to change the way YOU dress. It is enough for us that you take into account what is behind each label. That you are aware that your wardrobe conforms to your ideals. We want you to experience that it is worth buying one t-shirt with which you promote social integration instead of three that enslave. We dream that, by putting on a pair of sneakers knowing that you are helping to clean the oceans of plastic; you feel as comfortable or better than when you wear one with which you pay for the advertising that has sold you, because all other expenses have been cut.
We are already several small brands that we believe can be sustainable, generate a positive social impact and at the same time profitable. And we want you to help us prove it. The revolution begins in you, you choose whether to look the other way or get on our ship of crazy dreamers.
No Time
Dress how you think!