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Wear Your Values B

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100% organic cotton t-shirts.

We try to do things as best as possible, that's why these t-shirts are made from 100% organic or ecological cotton, since hIt has been grown with natural seeds, unlike conventional cotton, and no pesticides or harmful chemicals are used during its cultivation. Besides Water consumption is reduced by 71% during cultivation by using rainwater to cover the vast majority of its needs. Therefore it is a Sustainable alternative to regular cotton.

In this way we have a low impact on the environment. Because nature is indispensable and we must take care of it, not destroy it! 

It is very important to point out another of the many benefits of wearing organic cotton clothing is its softness and that it eliminates chemical retention; Therefore, those who suffer from allergies or have any specific sensitivity to certain synthetic fabrics will not be affected.

Designed in Spain and manufactured in Portugal.



*If you have questions about the size, ask us. Although we recommend ordering the largest size. 


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