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About us?

We all want to change the world, but… Where to start?

Many times we admire great leaders, icons or references; We dream of being like them, of inspiring others and leaving a legacy in our journey through life. However, lost in big dreams, we forget that this legacy is more everyday, simpler than we think. Every small gesture, word or intention; It counts when it comes to changing the world, especially changing your world and the world of those around you.

This is how NoTime was born. I am Jorge Calle, a young entrepreneur aware that some ideals are not enough to change the functioning of the entire fashion industry and I will surely not be able to end climate change and possibly my business model will continue to be an “Outlayer” because I am moved by it. other things before money.

What do I do here?

But then what am I doing here?

Very easy, as I say in the video, I have a dream. I dream of changing things and helping to implement a tennis and padel ball recycling system.

To do this, the way to do it is to start by changing the way you dress. It is not enough that you take into account what is behind each label, that you have a wardrobe that fits your values. I want you to experience that it is worth buying a pair of socks that promote social integration instead of three that do not meet your ideals. I dream that when you put on some sneakers knowing that you are collaborating with the care of the environment and you feel so comfortable.

I believe that it can be sustainable, generate a positive social impact and at the same time be economically viable. And I want you to help me prove it. The revolution begins with you, you choose whether to look the other way or embark on this adventure of a crazy dreamer.

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