Envíos y Devoluciones Gratis en Península


In addition to being a social company and opting for local production, we strive to be as sustainable as we can.

We are aware that the resources of this planet are finite, and we must use them consistently and responsibly. We pay great attention to the materials we use, we look at every step of our production chain in detail so that it has the least possible impact and we try to contaminate as little as possible on the way.

We use 100% organic cotton, grown naturally and watered with rainwater.

An organic cotton t-shirt reduces water consumption by 90%. In addition, as it is grown naturally, it does not use pesticides or herbicides, so we avoid damaging the fertile soil in which it grows. 

In addition, we have paid a lot of attention to our serigraphs, which we make with water-based ink, the least polluting way of doing it since it does not use chemical components that are very toxic such as chromium, sulfates ...

Finally, all the materials used for packaging are recycled materials. Our cardboard, stickers, cards ... are made with 100% recycled materials.