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In addition to being a social company and opting for local production, at NoTime we strive to be as sustainable as we can. We are aware that the resources of this planet are finite, and we must use them consistently and responsibly. We pay close attention to the materials we use, we look in detail at each step of our production chain so that it has the least possible impact and we try to contaminate as little as possible along the way. Our shoes are made with recycled materials such as tennis balls, micro plastics and organic and vegan fabrics. Currently there is no solution to recycling tennis balls and we have found a way to give them a second life. In addition, we introduce recycled plastics from the sea and use the least polluting fabrics possible. Our socks are made of organic cotton, grown naturally and irrigated with rainwater. With organic cotton, water consumption is reduced by 90%. Furthermore, as it is grown naturally, it does not use pesticides or herbicides, so we avoid damaging the fertile soil in which it grows.

All materials used for packaging are recycled. Our cardboard, stickers, cards... are made with 100% plastic-free materials.

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