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At NoTime we have many ideas in mind and we want to go very far. As you already know, we are a social company and that is why part of the profits are donated to the A La Par Foundation, but our long-term idea is to be able to donate to many other causes and collaborate with all the projects we can. They will be projects that excite us and with which we feel identified. That's why as new ideas emerge, we will inform you.

Right now we are trying to carry out a project that we have had in mind since NoTime emerged, and in fact it was one of the reasons why we joined together. This very special project for us consists of reinvesting the benefits generated in the research to create a recycling system for sports equipment, specifically tennis and paddle balls, to later give these materials an outlet in both the textile and clothing sectors. decor. We realized that in Spain more than a million balls are thrown away each year and these balls do not end up in any special container to be recycled, but are thrown away anywhere. Furthermore, the rubber in these balls takes about 20 years to degrade, which is very harmful to nature. That is why we believe that we must take this very important step and get fully involved in this research. 

I hope you like our project, share our ideas and join the challenge.

NoTime Projects!


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